Walking is free! Well, apart from the travel to get there and potential ice cream / beer / oozing cheesy raclette at the end. But what else can you do from virtually any place at any time with just yourself and a pair of shoes for company?

Walking is freedom. Outdoors, fresh air, exercise. Liberation from computer screens, fake news, laundry and – should you be so brave – smartphones. Whether out on the highest hilltops or down in the deepest canyons, taking first footsteps or well-trodden tracks, walking is the simplest form of escape and of reconnecting with the beauty and diversity that is our home.

Having travelled here and there over the years I’ve been lucky enough to wander outdoors – mostly in Australia and the UK, but a few other countries as well. On one of these walks I decided wouldn’t it be good to try and write a few of them down, pilfering content where available from my other blog and making the rest up as go along. And so, here we are.

NOW, A VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER… (so important it’s in red)

The content of this site should in no means whatsoever act as a definitive guide for the walks described. While there may be some pointers on the routes taken, most of the gushing narrative attempts to capture the spirit and scene of the surroundings. I might say ‘turn left’ from time to time but in an endeavour for balance I could equally say ‘go right’. Most of the routes are easy to follow and up-to-date information is obtainable locally and / or on the world wide web.

So basically what I am saying is if you fall into an abandoned well or absentmindedly follow your GPS into the ocean or get eaten by crocs, don’t blame me. Just use some common sense when out there.